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You can’t stop customers comparing, you know!

Comparing yourself to your competitors as part of your marketing content is a path which few B2B companies seem to be brave enough to go down. There are good reasons for this, although the traditional one from the sales director is a bad one: “We don’t want to alert our customers to the competition’s existence”. Oh puh-lease. Go and Google the types of products you sell, which is exactly what your website visitors have done. The competitors are all there. Your prospects aren’t daft. They know who’s competing for their business.

So why should you compare yourself to the competition?

Simple. Your prospects will be making that comparison anyway, and if you do it for them, you show them the favourable features on which to make that comparison.

OK, so maybe there’s no way you’re going to be able to name your competitors on your website, the MD just won’t stand for it. Why not make up a comparison table and populate it with “competitor A”, “competitor B”, etc.?

Still too adventurous? Then at least make up a table of the things you want to be compared on, and tell the visitor these are the things they should be looking at when making a comparison. Because they’ll be making one, like it or not.

More on this subject at Compare to Your Competitors Before Your Visitors Do on the Marketing Optimization Blog.

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