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Setting up Google AdWords in just 1 minute

For almost all of us, Google AdWords is currently the best value way of generating targeted visits to a website through advertising. But I’ve been running Google AdWords campaigns for years, and I often forget how daunting the whole thing is when you first try it. There must be a lot of companies who’ve never used it because it seems like hard work, or who tried it when Google sent them a free £50 voucher, but reckoned they’d never have the time to develop and maintain the campaign, and quietly left it.

Traditional advertising agencies have tried to pretend it doesn’t exist, because they can’t make much commission out of it, and are rightly terrified that once you’ve got a good AdWords campaign running, you’ll drop your other advertising which doesn’t produce anything like the response. If Google AdWords can get you website visitors at (say) £1 a time, why would you do a £400 quarter-page advertisement which will be lucky to produce 10 responses rather than the 400 you’d get from AdWords?

You know better, but AdWords does look like it would take up a lot of your time. And it would.

So what about the specialist “AdWords management agencies” out there? Many of them really know their stuff, and can relieve you of the pain of a learning curve (it can be expensive, finding out what doesn’t work). They do have a problem, however. Running an AdWords campaign requires developing a list of hundreds, or even thousands, of search terms related to your products, which are the ones you’ll tell Google to show your advert against. It would take you ages, and you know your technology area backwards. A typical AdWords management agency hasn’t got the faintest idea about the terminology relating to your market. So they just go and grab a few of the mysterious terms from your website, and that’ll have to do.

Last year, a client asked us to run an AdWords campaign for them, because they correctly guessed that understanding their technology was key to a successful AdWords campaign, and that after twenty years as a magazine editor in the industrial sector, I probably understood their technology. But they were a bit more demanding than that. They said:

“Here’s what I want. Set up a Google AdWords campaign and send 200 decent-quality visitors to this product page on my website. Just from the UK, please. And send me an invoice for, shall we say, £250? That’s it. All I want to do is to count the visitors in my website traffic report.”

And that’s exactly what we did. And have been doing for them ever since. No “management charges”, no complicated credit card payments, no unpredictability as to what this month’s bill is going to be, no requests for hours of their time to help with selecting search terms or explaining the technology.

Now we manage AdWords campaigns for clients in transducers, industrial automation, instrumentation, technical training and more. We think we’ve turned Google AdWords into the simplest advertising ever (1 minute of your time to tell us what you want) as well as it being the most accountable advertising ever (spend so much, get so many visitors, guaranteed). As the kids would say, “what’s not to like?”

If you want to join us in 2010, just let us know (email Tony here at or call on 01462 489060). Just 1 minute of your time, and we can start the visitors coming to your website. You won’t look back.

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