Don’t feed the lawyers’ self-importance, please

I was reading a story about how the terms and conditions lost one company a sale and thoroughly agreed with the writer’s conclusion: Don’t let the lawyers screw it up. Fear of the blame culture (and of the legal world) is a fact of business life these days, but it must not get in the way of your sales and marketing.

You probably have legal stuff on your website, from copyright and trademark symbols to disclaimers and T&Cs. Would you prefer not to have these? Of course. So at least give them the minimum exposure you can get away with. There is no reason whatsoever to give a link to legal mumbo-jumbo on every page of your website, and yet that’s what so many companies do in the “footer”. A link is a link, and it’s valuable. You may not even link to details of your best-selling product on every page of your website, so why on earth link to stuff which nobody will ever read but which you have a feeling “needs to be there”?

On our website I put all the legal material on one page (it doesn’t need its own multi-page mini-site) and gave it just one link, from the bottom of the “About Us” page. Then I could get back to highlighting the really important stuff.

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1 thought on “Don’t feed the lawyers’ self-importance, please”

  1. Your post is giving improper and ill-advised legal advice about properly notifying visitors to websites with the necessary “mumbo-jumbo”. Please post your email address here, so that I can have my secretary send you a cease-and-desist letter.

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