A training day for you, as promised

We’ve promised this, on and off, to many Insider Programme members and readers of this blog, for many months now – a training day where we can meet up with other like-minded marketing people from industrial and scientific companies, and learn something from an authoritative trainer. The subject which most people have mentioned wanting to find out more about is how to really use website traffic analytics applications, such as Google Analytics, to actually help save money, and so we’re delighted to say that’s the main theme of our first-ever BMON training day.

The event takes place in a couple of weeks’ time, in Milton Keynes, which we hope is a nice accessible venue for as many of you as possible. I’ll be there to introduce the day, and I’m delighted to say that we have Niall Mckinney, ex-CMO for lastminute.com and now CEO of UTalkMarketing, as our main trainer. I’m genuinely determined that you’ll come away from this with enough money-saving ideas for your internet marketing to easily pay for the day quite quickly.

Whoever’s job it is to analyse how your company’s website is performing needs to be at this training day. We’ve one or two surprises in store too. It’ll only be a small event, so do sign up quickly if you’d like to come. Full details, and an online booking form, are at http://analyticsandoptimisation.eventbrite.com/

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