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Twitter: will you let it pass you by?

Is your business on Twitter? I know quite a few which are, including companies as diverse as igus, Adept Scientific and Axis-Shield. Although I was initially doubtful about the effectiveness of Twitter for business (I’ve always been a huge fan of using it socially), I’m now convinced it’s a great idea. The fact is, some of your customers use it and will follow you, and it’s so cheap and easy to do that it makes no sense not to take advantage of that. In addition, it’s quite clear that you’ll find new customers this way, as more and more people use Twitter as a real-time search engine.

If that’s not enough, last night it was announced that Twitter content is going to be included in Google results – and the implications of that are enormous. I doubt many experts have really been able to think through what that all means yet.

If you like the idea of Twitter for your business but really don’t think you’ve got the time, I’d actually like to experiment with running some Twitter streams on behalf of one or two companies. Let’s have a chat; I’m sure we could do something worthwhile for the price of a small ad somewhere each month. In the meantime, read 5 Twitter Tips for Staying Authentic and Transparent on the Online Marketing Blog.

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