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Quickly find out where you are in Google for anything

Monitoring where you are in the Google results for a search term is a bit of a chore, but it’s a seriously important exercise. Doing it “just by looking” is time-consuming; we’ve probably all gone through page after page of Google scanning down the little green website addresses for our own site. Even then, thanks to the fact that Google nowadays gives most of us unique “personalised results”, you may not see what your customers do.

One little browser add-on to help with one-off searches is highlighted in Quickly Find out Which SERPS Page You Are Ranked on Search Engine Journal. This requires you to be a Firefox user, but it’s quite neat.

There are tools for the job, of course. Many of you already subscribe to our £100/month Insider Programme, and I know you love the weekly reports we send out, showing you graphs of your daily position in Google for your most important search terms. If you’re not an Insider Programme member yet, this is another reason why you might like to join us. More details…

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