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How you can break the news and reap the benefit

Yesterday I discussed how to get loads of great articles written for your website without spending hundreds of pounds. One other advantage of this method is that it allows you to get an article written very speedily.

Supposing there’s a new piece of legislation out which will affect lots of your customers. They’re not going to wait for you and your competitors to tell them about it, and they’re certainly not going to wait for the next issue of Large Red Widget Monthly. They’re going to go straight to Google, and you want to be there waiting for them.

Getting an article written on a topical subject before your competitors do can give you a massive advantage in online search. If it’s an article full of originally-expressed sentences, even better, because the first articles up about a subject are usually rehashed material, and Google doesn’t like that. You can do better.

There’s more on the subject in Creating Unique Content: Do It Before Someone Else Does on Marketing Jive.

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