Could you install a new company network? No? Well then…

…why do so many companies let the IT department have so much say when it comes to the company website? This is a point well made in Technology Company Websites should not be driven by technology on Tech Marketing Blog, which asks “why (do) organizations put critical marketing decisions in the hands of the IT department, or at a minimum allow the IT department to exert too much influence on the marketing decision making process?”

Don’t get me wrong, the IT department (or your web host, if you outsource everything) has a critical role to play in letting you know what can be done, and what is feasible when it comes to ongoing maintenance. But it’s painfully obvious when people from an IT background rather than a marketing one have been charged with designing the company website, and the results aren’t pretty.

Actually, that’s not true, often the results are pretty. But they probably don’t meet the most basic marketing objectives.

There are four core skills involved in creating a decent business website: marketing; website structural and performance design; graphic design; and IT. And with marketing being the reason for a website’s existence, it’s marketing which should be in complete control. Some of those four functions can be handled by a single multi-skilled person (I even know graphic designers who can set up firewalls and servers), but the least likely pairing will be marketing and IT. So why IT often gets given such a big say in a website, I’ll never know – and to be fair, I bet they didn’t ask for it.

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