Best of “An Article A Day”, September 2009

Did you miss anything good here in the past few weeks? My first attempt at a monthly roundup, last month, generated a lot of clickthroughs, so I’ve once again taken a look at the email and site traffic data to compile a list of the material which has proved the most popular amongst all you good people.

Most-Opened “Online Marketing: An Article A Day” Blog Posts, September 2009

1. Frequently Unanswered Questions – I’ll talk about this one a bit more later in the week, because there’s more to say on the subject.

2. “Companies which blog” …now 55% better – my Twitter followers reckon it should be “companies that blog”. Bunch of pedants.

3. The only bit they’ve got wrong is the title – “However many years you’ve been in the job, you should still read The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Marketing”, I claimed.

4. Tips for your small (or medium sized!) business – the shortest post I can ever remember making, because there really wasn’t anything to add.

5. Getting past the Junk Mail folder – spookily failed to predict that three weeks later I’d switch to a different email distribution service, fail to set it up properly, and end up in lots of Microsoft Outlook, er, junk mail folders.

Most-Clicked Links in “An Article A Day” Emails, September 2009

1. The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Marketing (see 3 above)

2. 101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers (see 4 above)

3. 5 Sure-Fire Sources for Headline Inspiration on Copyblogger

4. Stunningly Awful Demos: Five Things Not To Do in a Demo on Open Forum

5. Effective B2B Lead Generation Means Selling the Conversation on B2B Conversations Now

Stats provided by Feedblitz. We currently have 883 email readers, 43 RSS subscribers and 105 Twitter followers. A total of 509 email readers could be identified as opening one or more emails in the month (although it’s likely that many more opened them but it couldn’t be tracked), and 408 of these were identified as having clicked through to referenced articles.

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