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Answer their questions by asking them first

Last month I discussed the concept of a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) page, and quoted the observation that if those questions really are FREQUENTLY ASKED, why the heck isn’t your regular copy answering your visitors’ questions?

However, although the majority of business to business websites I visit don’t have an FAQs page, that’s not because they answer them all in the copy. It’s because they’ve never even thought about them and considered putting them on the company website. So, curiously, the first step to removing the FAQs page – and addressing your visitors’ questions before they’re asked – is to create an FAQs page in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers, turn out to be great traffic generators from the search engines, because they address problems in the everyday language used by customers and prospects. This, and other reasons for having an FAQs page, are discussed in 5 Reasons to Include FAQs in Your Content Marketing Strategy on Savvy B2B Marketing. The whole exercise of asking what it really is that your prospects need to know is always a revealing one.

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