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“About Us”? Well, for a start, we’re boring.

The “About Us” page presents a huge open goal to business website owners, which many then proceed to miss spectacularly. Here’s the sequence of events: prospect looks for product in Google, prospect clicks through to your website, prospect reads about product …prospect goes straight to your “About Us” page. Why? Because if he’s interested in the product, the next thing he wants to know is more about its supplier.

If you run analytics on your website, you’ll see how well-visited the “About Us” page is. Look at the sources of traffic to that page; I’d bet that a large proportion are product pages on your website, which backs up the popularity of the sequence I’ve outlined above.

So, how do many companies miss the open goal? By not selling themselves on the “About Us” page. If your visitor has found the product they want, they’re going to be desperately hoping that you can deliver in their country, that you seem reliable, that you offer decent support, and that you seem like people they’d want to do business with. So tick all these boxes on your “About Us” page, as quickly as possible. Don’t give them corporate mumbo-jumbo, or a tedious company history. Publish testimonials, link to case studies, and show there are real people in a real building behind all these claims. Ask your sales manager to answer the question: “Why should a customer buy from us?” and develop the copy on your “About Us” page from his answer.

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