How to find interesting, relevant search terms cheaply

Google AdWords is rapidly becoming my tool of choice when it comes to researching the important keywords for clients. We run an AdWords campaign using what they call “broad match” (so Google shows the ads on any searches it can find which appear to be right), and then look at the actual searches which triggered the ad and got the clicks. It’s an alternative to using your analytics data from ordinary (“organic”) searches, but it has a number of advantages. Of course, it also costs money, but that money also happens to drive traffic to your website, so it’s actually an investment which works doubly hard.

The subject is discussed in more depth in Evaluating long tail opportunities on Blogstorm.

I shouldn’t let the opportunity pass to remind you that we offer AdWords management services here at Business Marketing Online, and we do it on a fixed-cost-per-click basis, which industrial companies seem much more at home with. Also, you pay us for the campaign in a conventional invoiced manner once a month, rather than having to pay Google through a credit card. Contact Tony here for details.

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