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Getting past the Junk Mail folder

My previous article on getting broadcast emails through to recipients’ inboxes proved popular, so here’s some more on the same subject, because I’ve just stumbled across something I didn’t know. Many of your customers and other email recipients will be using Microsoft Outlook (that’s not the bit I didn’t know) and Microsoft Outlook has its own inbuilt junk mail filter. It’s very crude, but it’s there. And surprisingly, the rules which govern that filter are actually not a secret, so it’s pretty easy to ensure that your emails at least get past this stage. Whether they’ll be thrown out – incorrectly – by other spam filters is another matter.

Full details are in My Email Is Not Junk! on the B2B Lead Blog. Incredibly, one of the rules seems to be “From contains sales@”. Can that really be right? Loads of people send emails from “sales@”, surely? Anyone care to test this?

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