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Have you ever thought about the whole concept of a “Frequently Asked Questions” page? The Marketing Optimization Blog has, and it makes the great observation in FAQ Page = A Sign Warning Drivers of Potholes that if those questions really are FREQUENTLY ASKED, why the heck isnÂ’t your regular copy answering your visitorsÂ’ questions?

Great point.

I’d guess that most of us don’t actually have a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on our websites; it’s certainly a less commonplace sight in B2B marketing than it is in consumer sectors. But it would still be very useful to know the most frequently asked questions from our customers and prospects. We might not set up a page with the answers, but we could make sure the regular working pages on our websites answer the questions before they’re asked. Do you know what your customers want to know about you and your products?

2 thoughts on “Frequently Unanswered Questions”

  1. Interesting view point. I have never looked at an FAQ from this angle. I think many companies do it for the user experience or to simply just dodge those repetitious phone calls.

  2. I named the technical articles section of our site “Our Product type FAQ”.

    I wasn’t sure what else to call it that was short, snappy, and clear. No more than two words to fit in the main navigation.

    Articles? Reference? Helpful Info? I could never find one that made me happy. Now you are making me feel bad about it, again.

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