Emailing engineers: could do better

UK-based email marketing service provider has produced a report based on 216 million emails sent out through its service in the year to July. It allows us to compare the performance of email campaigns in the industrial and manufacturing sector to other areas as diverse as finance and restaurants.

The first interesting observation is that from more than 20 categories, the industrial and manufacturing sector produced the highest bounce rate (13%) by far. I assume it means that we have the most out-of-date circulations, but I can’t explain why this should be the case, other than a lack of resources to keep the lists “clean”. Perhaps we just have less frequent interaction with our customers? I think it’s unlikely there’s a greater staff turnover than in other business sectors.

The industrial and manufacturing sector has an average-to-good “open rate”, which would suggest the emails which do get through are reasonably well presented and on-target. Still, the figure is only 20%, which is worth bearing in mind if you think you can reach the bulk of your prospect list through email alone. And less than 2% managed to get a link clicked in them, which is also pretty average. When it comes to the proportion of those actually opened which got a subsequent clickthrough, the figure for the industrial and manufacturing sector is a below-average 10%, suggesting that we’re OK at presenting our case, but less good at making a compelling offer.

So we can probably conclude that the industrial and manufacturing sector is a tough nut to crack. The response to email is good compared with other marketing channels (and remarkably cost-effective), but it’s by no means comprehensive, and we still need to try to focus on the most appropriate medium on a customer-by-customer basis, as much as possible.

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