Don’t just settle for keeping up with your competitors

When doing website redesign and relaunch – which I’m being increasingly asked to do – I often ask the client to show me some websites which they’d like to emulate. The response is often a little disappointing, because the sites offered are usually just the pick of immediate competitors. There’s much more to be gained, however, by setting your sights high and looking at the websites of much bigger operations, with much bigger budgets. Of course there’s no chance you could build a site requiring those sorts or resources, but there’s no reason why you can’t find many smaller touches in these big sites which you can include.

Have a look around some of the big sites you use regularly, and see if you can pick up tips from the people with serious website budgets. Or look at sites which are regularly lauded, such as US electronics retailer Crutchfield (have a browse around and note all the little personal touches which draw you in). Perhaps select a category in the winners list from the Web Marketing Association Awards and see what’s been impressing the experts.

These are the sort of websites which you should be looking to emulate. The vast majority of B2B sites are really poor, including those of your competitors, which gives you a great chance to do a lot better. Don’t just settle for keeping up with your rivals.

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