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Tough love

Hats off to the B2B Web Strategy Blog for some tough love: it’s no longer good enough to say you can’t find the time to update your website because there’s so much else going on. As How to keep your website’s content fresh points out: “If it’s hard for you to find time to generate fresh, relevant content for your site, then I’d respectfully suggest that your priorities are out of line with the fact that today’s website is central to every B2B’s marketing strategy, not some hobby off to the side like it may have been 10 years ago.”

In the days when you actually had some money to spend on print advertising (and the justification for doing it), would you actually have failed to do any “because you just didn’t get around to it”? Would your colleagues have found that an acceptable excuse for them not seeing any adverts for the company? Would you have told them they’d have to use the same company brochure for five years running because getting a new one designed never got high enough up your to-do list?

The content of your website is more important today than printed material or press adverts. It needs to be audited regularly, and added to frequently (weekly, if you want to impress the search engines). Find the time, or find the budget to get someone else to do it. When I got into online marketing services, I didn’t expect that it would involve content creation, usually the province of the PR agency …but that’s certainly one area where there’s increasing demand, so hey, let me know if you’re interested.

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