Put some content generation at the heart of your marketing

Yesterday I discussed “content marketing“, which is the opposite of traditional interruption marketing in that you provide the material which people want to be engaged with, rather than hanging around someone else’s work. So how do we go about setting up a content marketing campaign?

There are loads of possibilities, and they’re not just writing articles. Remember, this is all about showing you’re an industry authority (and you are!), so you can tell the story through videos, presentations, whatever you like. However, let’s start at the most obvious place: written content which you can use on your website. People are often saying to me: “Chris, how do I get to number one in Google for the ‘blue widgets’ search term?” and when I look at their website, there’s a single lonely page about their own particular blue widget, which just gives an in-depth technical product spec. Go to Google and see what appears on the first page for that search, and I bet there’ll be two types of result: informational pages (like Wikipedia) and a bunch of suppliers who’ve been smart or lucky. To join those suppliers, you either need to spend a lot of time and money on search engine optimisation (and note I said time); or you need to get into the informational category. And here’s some news: many of the suppliers who’ve made it on to the first page of Google have got some great informational content on their websites, because that’s part of search engine optimisation too.

So, put some content generation at the heart of your marketing plans for next year. Go through your product offerings one by one, and don’t just list features as bullet points; get an article written backing up all your claims. Commissioning really good material is easier than ever – there are more freelance technical journalists available now than at any time in the past 20 years or more. You can get a genuinely great article written for £500 which will get you web traffic and business for years to come.

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