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Number one on Google doesn’t just happen

Right, I’ve told you how the way to get to the top of the Google results is to get lots of inbound links. And I’ve told you that having lots of content on your site is the way to, er, get to the top of the Google results. So which one is it, Chris?

Oh, you know the answer …it’s both. Do I have to get off the fence? OK, I’ll go for content, but only because the more content you have, the more material you’ve got which might attract others to link to you. And when I say content, although articles are the obvious place to start, don’t forget that Google also mixes in video and image results onto its first page now (called “universal search”), and getting one of these slots can catapult you into the top slots by a backdoor route.

My recommendation? Set up a programme for the next 12 months of regular content creation (over and above your normal press release stuff) aimed at selected important search terms. If you want to be number one on Google for something, you’re going to have to work on it.

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