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How much do you care about your words?

Does the writing which goes on your website get as much scrutiny or proofreading as the writing which goes into your company’s printed brochures? I bet it doesn’t. Somehow there’s a “permanence” about print which makes it held in some sort of awe, whereas online copy is normally just one person’s unedited, unplanned thoughts. Strange, because in many cases, not only will web copy be read by more people than print copy nowadays, but I believe the difference in response between good and ordinary copy is greater on a web page than in a brochure. Then again, these things never make much sense: how many companies spend eye-watering amounts of money on their annual reports, which will be read by very few people (and almost no customers)? How much would we like that sort of budget for our product brochures?

Anyway, for a reminder about the importance of well-crafted web copy, I refer you to an old article called Writing Well on the Web which reminds us that things should be scannable, short and segmented. There are a lot of good resources listed too if you want to investigate the subject further.

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