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Give your emails a fighting chance

It’s amazing how many people assume that marketing emails which don’t bounce back have been read by their recipients. In fact, the response rate of your emails may be much better than you think. But only because far fewer of them get read than you imagine. After your email has disappeared into the void (and not been returned), it has to negotiate a long list of tricky hurdles: spam filters at the Internet Service Provider level; firewalls at the recipient organisation; personal spam filters; recipients not liking the subject or sender and binning the email; and recipients not being able to read the email because of the formatting. If you lost just 10% of your emails at each stage, that’s nearly half of them down the drain straight away.

Yet if you sit down and write me a personal email right now, the chances are I’ll get it. Why should the same not be true of broadcast emails? Somehow my spam filter and my eyes (looking at the sender and subject line) can tell what’s a one-off, potentially important email and what’s just someone trying to half-heartedly give me and a thousand other people a tired, impersonal marketing pitch. We all need to make our marketing emails much more personal.

For more thoughts on this topic, have a read of Email Marketing: Sent Does Not Mean Delivered on the Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog.

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