Best of “An Article A Day”, August 2009

Most people I speak to who tell me they enjoy these emails add, almost apologetically, “although I can’t say I have time to read every one”, as if it was a requirement. It’s OK, you are allowed to have more pressing matters to attend to.

However, in case you ever wonder if the ones you miss happen to be the ones which contain the best advice ever, I thought that, as another month ends, I’d bring you the five articles which inspired the most people to open the emails this month. And – because, as we all know, it’s actions which count – the five articles on other sites which subsequently got the most clickthroughs from the “An Article A Day” emails. These don’t have a lot of crossover with the top five most opened emails, proving the importance of a good subject line, if you think about it.

Most-Opened “An Article A Day” Emails, August 2009

1. A chill wind blows through trade showsUS website Marketing Sherpa has published the results of a survey … which shows a thumping drop this year in the number of people using “face to face” events or tradeshows.

2. Google Analytics on your desktopPolaris … is a really great little application which sits on your desktop and shows you all the headline traffic statistics from Google Analytics

3. LinkedIn continues to get stronger(Here) are a whole load of suggestions as to how you might make more of this business-oriented social networking site

4. Keywords: they’re that importantWe ensure subscribers to our Insider Programme start work on their keyword lists in the second and third weeks of the schedule. It’s that important

5. Give your emails a fighting chanceIf you sit down and write me a personal email right now, the chances are I’ll get it. Why should the same not be true of broadcast emails?

Most-Clicked Links in “An Article A Day” Emails, August 2009

1. Polaris (see 2 above)

2. Google updates – SEO implications of significant first half 2009 changes on Dave Chaffey Internet Marketing

3. Six Things I Know For Sure About Marketing To Engineers on copywriter Bob Bly’s website

4. 10 Things a B2B Company Can Do to be Social Now on Social Media B2B

5. Writing Well on the Web on Inc. Technofile (2004)

Stats provided by Feedblitz. We currently have 529 email readers, 41 RSS subscribers and 99 Twitter followers. A total of 349 email readers could be identified as opening one or more emails in the month, and 321 were identified as having clicked through to referenced articles.

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