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Your website is supposed to be selling. Is it?

Here’s a nice “back to basics” article about the elementary functions of your website, which might make you sit up and think. Don’t Promote Your Website, Use Your Website to Promote You! on Search Engine Guide makes the very good point that the web is a little different from traditional media, in that you’re the publisher, and therefore you have to do an extra job – publicising the medium itself. If you take out an advert in Widget Monthly, you can safely assume that you don’t need to alert the world to the existence of the magazine – that’s what the publisher does. But with your website, you do have to alert the world to its existence.

The interesting thing here is that some people get so carried away with promoting the website itself (through search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, emails, etc) that they devote all their resources to it and forget that the site is just a means to an end. Has the structure of your website changed since it launched? How well is it promoting you?

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