Your prospects are all individual people

In technical business-to-business marketing, the most effective medium for keeping in contact with your market is email, no contest. Snail mail is too expensive to do regularly enough, and “social media” (including newsfeeds) is still a jumble of different things lumped together to increase their importance. If you’re an email reader of this blog, you’re in a group which outnumbers the RSS readers by about 10:1 and the real Twitter followers by around the same ratio. We all know the importance of keeping your message in front of prospects, so what are the rules for successful emails?

According to the B2B Lead Generation Blog in 5 Lead nurturing tips to create relevant and engaging emails, it’s all about making your emails seem like you know the prospect. And that means you most certainly shouldn’t be sending out “one size fits all” emails. Imagine three people: a major customer who’s bought red widgets from you in the past; a prospect who recently made an enquiry about blue widgets but never bought; and someone who left his business card at an exhibition stand last year. If all three came into your office one by one, would you give them the identical sales presentation about red widgets? Of course not. Which is why your emails need to be segmented down to the finest possible level. Perhaps instead of starting at the top and breaking our lists down, we should be thinking about our prospects on an individual basis, and re-building them up into groups.

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