People really are writing about your technology

Blog directory and search engine Technorati has indexed well over a hundred million blogs worldwide, up from a hundred thousand in 2002. With more blogs coming online every day, the chances of there being a new blog related to your area of activity are better than ever. And if someone’s writing about your market sector, whether they’re an end-user, a researcher or a supplier, there’s potential for you to get publicity and those all-important links from them.

If you doubt that anyone would write a blog which even touched on your niche area of blue widgets, you might be surprised. But even if there isn’t such a thing, what about all the application areas you’re involved in? There are bound to be blogs on many of those. And in most cases, grateful blog owners would be only too pleased for the recognition which your offer of a guest blog post might provide. If nothing else, join in (or start) the conversations in the comments sections.

To keep up to date with what’s being written, identify the main product- or application-related search terms for your business, and set up Google Alerts for them. I’m very confident that the emails you’ll get will lead you towards some very interesting resources.

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