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One-day Workshops this autumn

Jackie West writes:
One of the attractions of Business Marketing Online is that it’s aimed specifically at helping business-to-business marketing, and in particular, the manufacturing, scientific and building sectors. So we thought it might be useful to look at the training side of things, and see if our approach proves as attractive to you there too.

We’re arranging a couple of workshops (in September and November) which will be hosted and presented by Chris Rand, together with an expert guest speaker. The cost for the day will be £400, and will include refreshments and course materials. Venues will be easily accessible – we are currently looking at one venue north of London, and another north of Nottingham.

However, before proceeding we would like to invite your feedback on the possible topics to be covered. Which of these one-day events would you find the most beneficial?

1. Google Analytics: moving on from the basics – how to identify the genuine prospects visiting your website

2. Search Engine Optimisation: how to ensure that material added to your website will help you overtake your competitors in Google

3. Writing for the web: the new rules of marketing copywriting which will make your publicity work online

4. Online marketing: how to produce more effective advertising, press releases, emails and website copy

5. Google AdWords: identifying and increasing the number of clicks which lead to real business

Let us know your thoughts on this one-click anonymous survey form Or is there an online marketing-related subject which we’ve not listed? Tell us there. Alternatively, feel free to email me directly with your thoughts.

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