Now it’s really worth uploading video content

Videos are great for business, and still a hugely under-used marketing tool in most B2B sectors. You don’t have to spend thousands on them: bring in a modern video camera, get a decent salesman to demonstrate a product in a well-lit room, and you can have the results up on YouTube up before elevenses. It’s a great thing to point prospects towards, and it’s another tempting item for bloggers and news sites to include.

The problem with video is in getting it to convert, even to website traffic. That’s because people can’t click on a video and get sent to your website, so you’re relying on appropriate links from the siteowner appearing next to it. On YouTube, you can’t even have a link next to it, which is why you see so many videos with the related website URL in a caption. But let’s face it, few people type in URLs nowadays – it’s click or die.

Now things have changed. It’ll cost you money, of course, but it looks like a massively worthwhile investment to me. YouTube has just announced the introduction of clickable captions in Use Call-to-Action overlays to drive traffic to off-YouTube web pages and I think this is a massive shot in the arm for business video. Sales demonstrations, maintenance information, seminar coverage – what can you film which you can put on video?

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