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If you hide your prices, I think you have something to hide

This is a fantastic idea which anyone can do without too much effort. It concerns putting prices on your website, and specifically generating the evidence that it would be a Good Thing to do so.

I have never been able to understand why any manufacturer or supplier doesn’t put a full price list of standard products on its website. I once had a discussion with an MD who said “I can give you five good reasons why we don’t”, and who promptly gave me five dreadful reasons why he didn’t. Here’s the main one though: “Our price might be a little high for some customers, so we want them to contact us so we can explain why it costs what it does. We wouldn’t want them to be put off contacting us because of the price.”

Oh please. A lot more will be put off contacting you because there’s no price. How many potential customers do you think visit your website, find your products interesting, contact you (despite not knowing the price), are then told the price (which they find a bit high), but then decide to buy the product anyway? Now how many more do you think visit your website, find your products interesting, but move on to another supplier because they want to find a product within their budget but can’t see the price and haven’t got time to contact you and wait for your salesman to call?

If you want to buy something (let’s say a washing machine) and you find half a dozen decent-looking suppliers online, with prices ranging from £300 to £400, would you bother contacting the seventh supplier whose website just had a spec sheet but no idea of the price? Of course not. Because you know that if that supplier was offering the washing machine for £250, it sure as heck would have the price in very big numbers on the front page.

Right, here’s the experiment, as outlined in Publish B2B Pricing? Test the traction without actually doing it on B2B Conversations Now. In effect, it says “re-label links to your Contact Us form as Pricing Details and see how many more people click on it. The extras you’ll get are the people who might have contacted you had they known the price.

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