How not to go about getting links

Here’s one of my regular articles imploring you to set someone the task of getting links to your website. Honestly, there is no better way of improving your search engine traffic, yet because it all sounds a bit woolly and seems a bit hard, I bet you haven’t got a link-building project under way. I know, I know… you don’t have the time to do it in-house, and you haven’t subbed it out either, because you don’t fancy the idea of some consultant contacting loads of websites on your behalf. But admit it, these are just excuses.

Anyway, when you do get around to it, read The 5 B’s of Bad Link Building on the Inbound Internet Marketing blog before you start. This is a great little article which summarises some of the big mistakes many people make.

A link building strategy based around leaving comments with links in them on blogs and forums is the first bad idea. I was just looking at some software which can do this for you at the rate of hundreds of blogs an hour. With that sort of technology available (and being used), what do you think Google thinks of links in blog comments and forums nowadays?

Another bad idea is firing off begging emails to people you don’t know. If you get any results, it’ll probably be on worthless websites, and in the meantime, you make yourself look irritating. Then there are link “swapping” deals, which Google can also spot a mile off and subsequently ignore. Finally, there’s buying links, either for money or goods, which needs to be done with great care.

There are many great ways to get links which don’t go anywhere near these areas. We discuss a number of them on our Insider Programme on three separate “Practical Steps” sheets, starting in Week 16. Join up now and you’ll be onto this before the end of the year.

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