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Ad agencies partying like it’s still 1999

According to Search Engine Journal in Google Opens AgencyLand, the world’s biggest search engine is developing an online resource to try to promote its advertising products to advertising agencies. I wish them luck. Despite the inexorable rise of pay-per-click advertising over the past five years, many of the B2B advertising agencies I know have looked the other way, stuck their fingers in their ears and mumbled: “na na not listening”. But although Google AdWords lends itself to a do-it-yourself approach, many marketing managers still want to contract out the work, and realising that there’s an open goal in front of them, many enterprising individuals have set themselves up in business to handle the demand. Meanwhile, the traditional advertising agencies continue hoping it’ll all go away, because even when they looked into AdWords management, they realised that there couldn’t be anything like the same profit margins which built their lovely glass and steel offices.

The biggest agencies are now biting the bullet and buying in the experts, which is why Google realises that it needs to support them all the way. Where this leaves the smaller agencies (the ones we use in B2B marketing), I really don’t know. Still telling their clients that pay-per-click advertising will probably go away quite soon, I expect.

1 thought on “Ad agencies partying like it’s still 1999”

  1. It will be interesting to see where PPC is in years to come because as long as Google is leader I think business will always participate in PPC ads.

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