Two things to remember before redesigning a website

Too many companies redesign their websites for the same (poor) reason they like to redesign their logo: because they can’t think of anything better to do. However, there are a number of good reasons to redesign and relaunch your website, including getting rid of an outdated content management system, updating presentation for current browsers, or reflecting a change of company circumstances. It’s not surprising then that web design agencies are still fairly busy, even in recessionary times.

It’s a fact though that designers are rarely given a really good brief. Sure, there’ll be requirements as to the house style for graphics and all that, but that’s superficial stuff. A real redesign is structural, trying to improve the route to conversion being offered to visitors. This is the type of project I love to get invited to consult on. And as the Refresh, Renew, Redesign article at SEO Scoop explains, things should be built around keyword usage, which means doing some serious research before going anywhere near a designer. Finally, once the new site is mapped out, ensure the old site is redirected properly!

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