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Onwards and upwards

I’ve let the first anniversary of this blog slip past without any acknowledgement, so belated happy birthday, blog. I’ll download you a new plug-in or something. Anyway, although I’m delighted to have over 500 of you getting this by email every day, as well as a decent number of RSS readers and of course all the casual web traffic, we need to push on. So I’m just wondering, if I ask very nicely, if you’d do me a favour and recommend this to a colleague or two. Or perhaps you’re part of a business organisation or an email newsgroup, and could recommend this to other members? Here’s something you can copy and paste for them!

Thank you.

I thought I’d pass this on because it may be of interest: Chris Rand, of a consultancy called Business Marketing Online, writes a short daily article aimed at marketing managers in the industrial sector. It gives some useful tips for business-to-business web and email marketing, and is available free by email every morning. You can add your name to the circulation at

Recent well-read articles include “What you need to put in your email signature” – – and “10 reasons to do AdWords for your own company name” –

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