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How’s your in-house database looking?

Keeping an in-house database “clean” is such a dull job that it can hang around at the bottom of the to-do list permanently. In 10 signs your in-house database needs help BEFORE you launch another program, the B2B Lead Blog lists the sort of problems lurking in most databases. I’m sure many of you will recognise more than one of them.

In the comments, there’s a reference to a claim made last year that clean data can scale up to huge gains in revenue. I’m sure it’s true. And one more thing: if you’re sitting on a database of addresses and telephone numbers with lots of missing emails, isn’t it time you created something great (and emailable) so you can contact these people and get their email addresses in return for it?

1 thought on “How’s your in-house database looking?”

  1. Hi Chris,

    In my experience poor quality data is a fact of life, with many companies happy to invest in an expensive CRM system, yet no inclination to ensure that the data held on it is clean, meaningful or useable. For whatever reason it’s often assumed that the salesforce will somehow keep client and prospect data clean but rarely do we find that this is being done effectively.

    If you think it would be of value to BMON subscribers, I’d be happy to offer them a free data health check to see what state the addresses are in. If they subsequently decide they want to turn old, suspect data into a worthwhile marketing resource, I’d be happy discount on list cleaning, adding email details, updating contacts etc.


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