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How big is yours then?

Once upon a time we used to get really irritated when a web page didn’t load instantly, because it was so large, and our connection ot the internet was so slow. Nowadays we all have fast connections, but as everyone knows, there are still plenty of pages out there which take ages to load (or don’t even load properly at all) …and that’s probably because they’re badly designed, and are making calls to outside elements which aren’t loading quickly enough. The “Web 2.0” design philosophy which has swept the web in the last few years focuses on clarity and simplicity, and many business-to-business sites are right at the back when it comes to keeping up with this trend. If your site doesn’t appear in a snap, it might be time to start planning for a redesign. But what are the new criteria in designing for fast loading? Search Engine Journal has a short article called What’s the Recommended Page Size? which might overturn some preconceptions if you’ve been around a while.

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