Google Analytics Event Tracking – an introduction

If you thought Google Analytics just analysed page views, it’s time to think again. A feature called “Event Tracking” has been slowly introduced (it was first announced nearly two years ago) and it’s now available on all accounts. What Event Tracking does is to allow you to record actions which aren’t page views on your site, such as downloading a PDF, clicking an outbound link, watching a video or even those smart interactions with your website which don’t involve a new page being called (usually done with what’s known as “Ajax” technology).

Previously, you could add some code to direct Google Analytics to consider certain actions to be page views, and even then set these as goals for conversion tracking. Event Tracking in many ways is better, as it’s more flexible and it doesn’t inflate your pageviews every time someone takes one of the actions above. However, setting it up isn’t for the faint-hearted (if you’re an Insider Programme Pro member and want some help, do get in touch). You’ll probably want some help, but if your website is managed by an IT department or an external agency, get them onto this straight away: you’ll be impressed at how useful it is to be able to analyse PDF downloads or clicks off to other websites.

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