The only way to attract Google’s interest

When you put something new on your website, you want Google to find it quickly. Not just because you want interest from day one (although that would be nice), but because you want your page to be accredited by Google as the primary one about that product, not the page on What’s New in Widgets Online which ran your press release a few days later.

Here’s how it works. Google comes to your site. It looks exactly the same as last time. A week later, Google comes to your site again. It still looks the same. Next time, it doesn’t come to your site for a fortnight, because there’s a lot of internet to get round you know, and it has to work efficiently.

Still there’s nothing new. So it leaves it for three weeks before coming back. And something’s changed. So all in all, it looks like it’d be sensible to come round once a month. That’ll be the policy for the time being.

If you were putting new stuff up every week, however, it would probably come round far more frequently. And when your big announcements get made, it’ll be due to visit soon, because it’s having a look every day or two. That’s why it’s quite likely that this article is already in Google, because I update this blog every day.

Here’s another reason to update your website frequently. Amongst the new tools in Google which we discussed the other day, are some quick links they give you to only search results which have appeared in the past 24 hours, or past week. Now, if prospects are searching online to source widgets, and they get a load of old results (or informational ones, such as Wikipedia) for their “widgets” search, rather than scrolling down several pages, they might decide to click the “past week” link, to see what’s new on Google. The more often you put new material on your website, the more likely you are to turn up there.

And you can do it. There are companies a lot less resourced than yours adding useful information to their website all the time. They probably have a blog, and they’re probably paying someone to write it, but it needn’t be expensive. We can do it all for you, if you wish, just as we’ve done for a couple of companies in the past month alone.

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