Start by defining what a sales lead actually is

As an aside, the article I’m linking to today is a good example of a way of creating good original content for your website – arrange for you (or an expert from your company) to be interviewed for your own website! That’s what Brian Carroll of the B2B Lead Generation blog has done in Using Kaizen to Improve your Lead Generation Results in 90 Days or Less, and there’s no doubt the result is a fascinating read, even if it’s (presumably) only restating the message which the subject of the interview is trying to get over.

This is a 2,700-word article which attempts to bring together marketing strategy with a management/manufacturing philosophy, so it’s not for the faint-hearted. But if you’re interested in the way sales and marketing work together, and can spare 15 minutes, I would thoroughly recommend giving it a go. There are several thought-provoking nuggets along the way, and once again, the point is made about the “major failure of many sales processes: instead of respecting where the customer is along their journey, they assume every prospect is ready to buy now and proceed to give them a sales pitch.”

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