Show that you’re the authority on the subject

I’d like to share one or two success stories with you this week, as well as report back on our recent survey. To kick off, a tale of how a company (a member of our Insider Programme Pro, as it happens) sailed straight into the top ten Google results for one of its major generic product terms, when it previously hadn’t even been able to get on the first few pages.

What was making it hard for the company to get on to the first page of Google was the fact that the top results were all reference pages, such as Wikipedia’s page on the product (let’s call it “red widgets”). Google likes reference pages, mainly because they’ve discovered that the majority of people typing in “red widgets” want to find out what red widgets do and how they work, rather than finding suppliers like you. So what the company did was to register the domain name, set up a nice little three or four page reference site (a genuinely useful one, by the way), and sat back to watch the results.

Of course, the site included copious links to relevant product pages on the company’s main website. And the results were spectacular – a solid position in the top half of the first page of Google results within a few weeks.

This is a variation on what’s often referred to as an “authority page”, which we currently cover in Week 28 of our Insider Programme, as you can see. The fact that this straightforward but effective technique doesn’t come up until six months into the programme shows how much else there is to learn!

For those of you who like the idea of authority pages or sites, but don’t have the time to create them, get in touch, because I can write and set these up for you pretty quickly, for less than the cost of a page ad somewhere. They’ll last forever and will be an incomparably better investment.

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