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Being there when they decide to stop doing nothing

Here’s another one of Seth Godin’s thought-provoking Seth’s Blog posts. Pick anything – the calculus of change points out that the default position for most customers is “do nothing”. If they don’t know whether there’s anything in it for them if they do something, then they’ll do nothing. Therefore if you want them to do something, you need to pick the moment when they have to make a choice.

Now, for us in industry, it’s difficult to find out when they’re going to have to make a choice (although the best sales reps instinctively seem to know). So the best way to be there at the right moment is to be there all the time. There are several hundred readers of these daily emails, and when I’ve talked to some of you, it’s often been remarked that I seem to put a lot of effort in for no obvious return. Ah, but that’s not the case. I run a consultancy business, and if you’re reading these emails, the day you decide to stop “doing nothing” and change what you do, I’ll be there. Maybe you’ll choose to use me.

Are you there for your customers?

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