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Another good link-building idea for you

More on link-building today (that’s two in a week!), but this time a link to a short article which just happens to have a really good idea on it. Do you have distributors? Do they link to you, or would they be prepared to? Here’s the deal. Do the work for them, and get the links you want. Instead of them giving you a simple link, see if they put a whole page about you (which you’ll provide) on their site, and they can link to that instead. On that page, you can provide lots of deep links to your site, with great “anchor text” in them, just like the pages on our Company Directory (see example). There you go, a whole bunch of really great links which you’ve created.

Thanks to Linking is Like Love, You Have to Give Some to Get Some on Search Engine Journal.

1 thought on “Another good link-building idea for you”

  1. That was such a simple idea I kick myself for not having thought of it. So easy to do well, and so many potential links back.

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