Why you’ll only ever scratch the surface of AdWords

The art and science of Google AdWords advertising has a level of complexity which none of us with other responsibilities will ever be able to cope with. Even if you have nothing to do with AdWords, have a quick glance at Do Not Overlook the Importance of the Display URLs in PPC Ads on SEOmoz. This article reveals some fascinating results on what’s normally considered the least important part of an AdWords ad, the fourth line with the company URL on it. Look at the length of the article! If there’s that much research to wade through just to start getting the unimportant fourth line working well, imagine the time needed to master the three lines of text in the ad which go above it!

The cost of doing AdWords badly has always been high. Unfortunately, there are now so many companies using AdWords, even in niche technical sectors, that the cost of doing AdWords averagely well is pretty high too. To get the most out of it (and it’s still a brilliant enquiry and traffic generator), you need to find the great value keywords hiding away in the background, and you need to learn how to craft those four lines of advert so that they convert brilliantly. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to all that, it may make sense to give the task to someone else.

And if that sounds like a pitch, it is. After some trials over the past few months to ensure we can do a good job, here at Business Marketing Online we’re now in a position to offer AdWords management services to a limited number of clients. We’ve developed a unique flat-rate-charge-per-click scheme which will ensure that both sides have the same objectives (good value clicks). The service is open to any Insider Programme member, so if you needed any further incentive to join our £100-a-month scheme, now’s the time to join us.

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