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Why you should get us to manage Google AdWords for you

Those of you who have looked at our new home page will be aware of the range of contract and advisory services which we’re now able to offer here at Business Marketing Online. Google AdWords Management is attracting the most interest at the moment, from all of these types of clients:

  • Companies who have looked at AdWords, but aren’t using it because it seemed like hard work (it is!) and they know they won’t have the time;
  • Companies who are using AdWords but who know they’re not spending enough time on it to make it cost-effective;
  • Companies who are using an AdWords management agency which they suspect is not doing a very good job because it doesn’t understand the client’s products and consequently the keywords.

When we decided to offer an AdWords management service, these were the potential groups of clients we identified – perhaps you’re amongst them. We knew we had a major advantage in that we would understand the technology of the products you sell, and that’s critical in choosing lists of keywords for a successful Google AdWords campaign. But we asked around to find out what other problems clients might be having, and quickly discovered another one: existing AdWords management agencies don’t seem to be charging enough money to do a really good job. That’s one we didn’t expect.

Let me explain. Typically, advertising agencies have charged ten or twenty percent to book and manage advertising. The same sort of rates seem to have been applied to AdWords management, despite it requiring a lot more work than a couple of phone calls. It might work if you’re spending £20,000 a month on AdWords (and many large businesses are). But it doesn’t work for typical industrial companies. If you spend, say, £1,000 a month on AdWords (which would be a sizeable advertising investment for you, I’m sure), then think about it – a typical AdWords management agency’s fee would cover about 20 minutes’ worth of work a week. If you managed a £1,000/month AdWords campaign in-house, I think you’d expect to be spending a lot more than 20 minutes a week on it!

Or put it another way: for an AdWords management agency to make just £5,000 a month from small businesses spending £1,000 a month on AdWords, it might need as many as 50 clients like you!

That’s the calculation we had to go through, anyway. So how could we offer AdWords management without sacrificing decent customer service? We decided to take a step back, and ask “what do potential clients actually want from AdWords?” The answer was, not surprisingly, traffic to your websites. But you also wanted something which Google AdWords doesn’t offer: traffic at a fixed, predictable price. And immediately we had our answer. Manage AdWords campaigns for clients for an agreed, fixed price per visitor, and earn our management fee from occasions when we could get clicks at a lower rate. Result? Everyone happy.

Here then is the Business Marketing Online AdWords Management Service. We will set up and run a Google AdWords campaign for your company and drive relevant traffic to your site for £1.50 a click (no clicks – no charge). We’ll focus on a particular product line or service, and we’ll offer free advice to ensure that the page you’re sending visitors to has been designed to convert visitors into enquiries. Visitors will be from your specified geographical areas only (e.g the UK, or Europe). Minimum spend is £750, which will get you 500 visitors – after that you can “top up” as you wish.

In helping you decide whether it’s worth transferring your advertising budget to this, I think there’s just one question to answer: if you took out a £750 advert designed to get visitors to your website, and it resulted in 500 visits, would you consider that good value? Certainly every publication I’ve worked on (online and in print) would be delighted to have achieved that for an advertiser. The fact that the results are guaranteed here is a real bonus.

To get things kicked off, call Tony on 01462 489060.

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