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What does your home page tell you?

Although most of us are fixated with pages deep within websites, where people with highly specific searches in Google usually arrive, we shouldn’t neglect our home pages. Now, I’m assuming your website’s home page isn’t still stuck in the 1990s with the fatal words “skip movie”, or “sign in to access the site”, or “please tell us what country you’re in”. I think we can safely assume that most B2B sites have moved on from that, and now try to explain concisely that the company does indeed do what the visitor was hoping for, and that there are some great pages just a click away. But even so, it’s quite possible that your home page has slowly had more and more added to it, and in the effort to keep everyone happy, it now looks like a bit of a mess.

Home Page Messaging: How Clear is Yours? on the B2B Web Strategy Blog suggests that you need two or three tiers of messaging, and that they should be designed for the real visitor to digest at a glance, rather than for the gratification of search engines. I agree.

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