Our new website launches a range of marketing services

When you spend a lot of your time advising people how to do something, it’s only natural that they’ll look at your activities with a critical eye. So as I (proudly!) announce a new home page on the Business Marketing Online website, I have a slight degree of trepidation as to what you all might think. Did I remember my title and meta description tags? Does the site fall to pieces in Internet Explorer 8, or look strange on enormous monitors? I’m sure you’re going to take great delight in telling me where I haven’t followed my own advice. Use the comments form on the website: I can take it!

Much more exciting than the design, however, is the content. After working with a few clients on different projects over the last few months, we’re now able to announce a full range of online-marketing support services, which I hope you’ll find interesting. They all take advantage of what I believe is our greatest strength – an understanding of your business. Whether you want blogs designed and written, AdWords campaigns taken off your hands, or search engine optimisation services, we’re able to offer those, and you won’t end up having to spend ages explaining your technology to us before we can start.

There are many services available, and we’ve tried to provide prices wherever we can, because I know how irritating it is to deal with consultancies which keep their costs under wraps. What we’d really like to do, however, is to visit you and have a chat to see where Business Marketing Online can be of the most service. Our Enquiry Source service is particularly innovative, and we think the time is right for a no-risk sales lead generation service. See what you think. We look forward to meeting up with you soon.

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