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It’s never too late to start your email newsletter

The most common sentiment I hear nowadays from companies which don’t do email newsletters for customers and prospects is along the lines of “well, we’ve never done one”, implying that “we wish we had, but it’s too late now”. That makes no sense whatsoever. You’re not in competition with anyone!

Look at it this way. Do you wish that you (or your predecessors) had set up an email newsletter for customers and prospects years ago, so it would have built up a really nice circulation by now? Well, if you do nothing, in 2019 you (or your successors) will look back and wish you’d set one up in 2009. And as I’ve pointed out before, a huge chunk of the circulation turns over each year anyway, so there’d be very little circulation left from 1999 now, even if you’d had the foresight to set a newsletter up back then.

Once you get an email newsletter going, the circulation will start to build itself, as long as you take every opportunity to promote it. In E-newsletters – Maintaining Awareness. Building Base on the B2B Insights Blog the importance of updating your web site to include standard links to sign up for the newsletter is emphasised. You probably get dozens of anonymous potential customers visiting your website each day – a good email newsletter may be the hook some of them need to reveal themselves to you.

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