I just want to see you doing some (any!) form of link building

As you know, I’ve promised to bang on about link-building until I hear that more of you are doing it. I can’t understand people who are happy to throw hundreds or thousands of pounds at “search engine optimisation” consultancy (which rarely includes a good link-building component) but wouldn’t spend the same on hiring a part-time administrator to get some good links to the website – an exercise which would be far more profitable. It’s an ideal job for that school-leaving marketing assistant.

Here’s what to do. Find out who your competitors are in the Google results for your key search terms. Then use some research tools, as listed in 3 Competitive Link Research Tools on the Internet Marketing Strategy blog, to find out who is linking to them. Then approach those websites, or sign up to those directories, ensuring you try to link to the relevant page on your website.

Yes, I know, proper link building is a lot more sophisticated than this, and involves building up relationships with the sites you want links from. But I just want to see you all doing something – anything – instead of ignoring link building and hoping it’ll go away.

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