Everything I know, and more, for just £100.

If you missed our earlier announcement, we have a new low-cost version of our Insider Programme available, and as most people like to join at the start of the month, today would be a good day for you to give us a call and get on board.

We’re offering a package of three genuinely great things to UK industrial businesses, for the incredibly low cost of £100 a month. There’s no commitment, so you really must be able to find £100 to give it a go for the first month. We could charge a lot more, but we want to get as many companies as possible into the scheme. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Every Friday, a one-page sheet telling you one thing which you should be tackling in your online marketing, and giving you step-by-step details on how to do it. Unlike the random musings on this blog, our “Practical Steps” sheets form a structured guide to everything you need to know about successful company websites, email newsletters and online advertising. It’s everything I know – and everything you ought to know, even if you may not be in a position to act on it immediately.
  • Access to our Google Position Monitor tool, an easy-to-use online facility which shows you where your company website ranks in the Google results for a series of important search terms which you specify. These graphs allow you to clearly see how you’re (hopefully) improving over a period of time, and they form a great internal report.
  • An entry in our brand new Company Directory – a great-looking website which focuses on providing links to your website with on-target text which helps your search engine rankings, as you’ll see from existing entries.

In addition, as an Insider Programme member, if you need the Business Marketing Online team to work on projects such as search engine optimisation or AdWords management, these will be available at reduced rates. To book into the Insider Programme from 1 May and get all of the benefits above, you’ll need to decide in the next day or so. Just call Tony here on 01462 489060, or email us via http://bmon.latestproducts.info/94.

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