Does your website reflect your customers’ buying process?

The vast majority of business-to-business (“B2B”) websites fail to acknowledge what makes many B2B sales different from High Street sales: the long buying cycle, often involving different people. While you know how your customers’ buying process works, does your website reflect that? Does it provide something for every stage of the buying cycle? I bet it doesn’t.

A good illustration of this is given in Can your Website Handle the Complexity of your Sale? on FutureNow’s Marketing Optimization Blog. It suggests, rightly, that the minimum your website should offer is material to cover the early stage of the buying process (“What’s available on the market?”), the middle stage (“Can you help me decide what I need?”) as well as the late stage (“What do you offer that meets this need?”). Different material for different individuals in the buying process is also useful, such as financial justifications, technical specs and support services. You probably have all this somewhere, but are you presenting it clearly enough?

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