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Can you get sales leads from Twitter, Facebook, etc?

If you’re wondering if (or to what extent) your company should get involved in social media, there’s a good article called Is social media effective for B2B lead generation? on the Sales Lead Insights B2B Marketing blog which suggests that there’s not much evidence (to the author, at least) that it can produce sales leads. And for most of us, that’s what this marketing lark is all about.

I agree; I’ve not seen much evidence either. The likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc definitely have a role to play if you’re in a business like I am (helping companies make the most of internet marketing). But selling widgets? I’m still struggling to see how they can justify significant time and effort. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a company Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and even Twitter stream – perhaps related to your blog – because the time taken to set those up and run them is minimal, and as with all things internet-related, there’s a chance you’ll regret not getting in there early. But I shan’t be reccommending to clients that they appoint an in-house social media manager for a while yet.

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