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OK, here’s one of those things you can have a bit of fun with, although you might be peering through your fingers in embarassment at the results if you use it on your own material. Gobbledygook Grader analyses text you paste in (like your latest press release) and grades it for corporate jargon. It’s fun, and I’d recommend you read the author’s The Gobbledygook Manifesto while you’re at it.

My only criticism is that it appears not to highlight use of the word “solution”, my own bete noire for many years. When I was at Pro-Talk in 2007, I analysed 200,000 press releases which we’d published this decade, and found that use of the word “solution” had finally levelled off, and may even have been about to fall, but it still featured in something like 30% of all press releases. Get a grip people! You don’t sell solutions, you sell products, systems or services. And your customers never, ever look for “solutions” because (a) it implies they have problems, and (b) they don’t work in marketing, so they don’t talk like that. Still think it’s an appropriate word? Look in your website analytics and see how many visitors have come to your website – ever – from search engines, with the word “solutions” in their search query. Oh look, it’s zero.

Talk like your customers do, and they’ll talk to you.

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